Securing IoT and IIoT

Protect your ability to innovate and grow 

Synonymous with innovative services, most of which are very useful in our daily lives, the rapid expansion of IoT and IIoT is also generating its share of cyber-risks and vulnerabilities that jeopardize not only data security and information confidentiality but also the image, activity, and very existence of the companies that market them and those of the organizations that use them.


Securing IoT and IIoT is not a luxury: it’s crucial to preserving our economies and our fundamental services, as well as to maintaining companies’ competitiveness, preserving their brand image, ensuring the functioning of ecosystems and guaranteeing regulatory compliance.


With this white paper, we offer you not only a better understanding of the risks through concrete, real-life examples of attacks, but also an overview of the best practices and solutions for protecting against these risks and implementing effective cyber-resilience strategies.

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