Every year, Quarkslab organises its annual conference "Quarks In The Shell" in which we present the latest updates on the R&D front, the tools developed specifically for our consulting services, and the latest features of our two products:

  • QShield - Software application and firmware protection solution,
  • QFlow - Platform facilitating the fight against malware by centralising and automating file analysis at scale. 

In this session you will discover a presentation entitled "Titan(ic) M: An analysis of Google's secure chip" presented by two security engineers at Quarkslab: Maxime Rossi Bellom and Damiano Melotti

This presentations focuses on the titan M chip in Google Pixels phone that they claimed was their most secure smartphones ever. In this talk, we will demonstrate how we studied this component starting from the limited information available and how we discover its role in the Android security model as well as its internals. We will share the story of how we ended up executing code on the chip and how this architecture indeed protected the device from a full compromise.

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