ThreatOptix selects Quarkslab to better protect
its customers’ Linux servers and IoT devices 


ThreatOptix, the expert in advanced protection technology for Linux servers, cloud workloads and IoT devices, has chosen Quarkslab's data and application security solution-QShield, to protect its valuable intellectual property from unwanted cyber threats.

Protection at the heart of the priorities

Securing sensitive assets and intellectual property is critical for the sustainability of any business!

When technology is so advanced and innovative, legally protecting software intellectual property is not enough. While legal protection validates that an innovation belongs to an entity, it does not protect against the risk of IP theft. And having your IP stolen can only have disastrous consequences for a business: loss of revenue by decreasing competitive advantages, brand identity and customer’s trust. Complementing legal protections with sound technological protections assures the investment in R&D/innovations, giving businesses the freedom to evolve their solutions continuously.

For ThreatOptix and Quarkslab, protection and security are at the core of their operations.

Choosing QShield allows ThreatOptix to ensure its solution's safety and integrity, thereby building its customers' trust and protecting its existing and future R&D investment.

The best of Linux Cybersecurity

ThreatOptix is a Linux-native solution designed from the ground up to identify and remediate threats on Cloud workloads, servers, endpoints, IoT, and embedded devices. It uses advanced machine learning to leverage data insights to detect, classify, and remediate threats, enabling businesses to store, process and share data securely.

QShield is a comprehensive solution that allows service providers to quickly secure data and applications of connected devices throughout their life cycle.

The deployment of QShield as a protection measure makes ThreatOptix's applications resilient and robust against attackers. Customers are thus assured of the solution's safety, integrity, and longevity. For ThreatOptix, that means customers can have greater confidence that every Linux-based system may be relied upon to carry out its intended purpose without risk of business interruption or data compromise.

"Our technologies are complementary, as we both put protection and security at the heart of our priorities. The ease of installation of QShield allowed us to protect our applications in less than a week. QShield's code, data, and keys protection technologies help us protect against attacks that risk our IP and sensitive data. The many obfuscation passes available allowed us to find the right compromise between performance and safety." says Ehud “Udi” Shamir, CEO & Co-Founder, ThreatOptix.

Comprehensive device and application security

QShield offers a strong set of technologies dedicated to securing data and applications of desktop, mobile, and IoT devices, from design to market deployment. It protects sensitive data, certificates, code, and cryptographic keys against static and dynamic attacks, even without dedicated hardware. Protection technologies and security policies can be updated at any time seamlessly and remotely "over the air." QShield can also enable remote observability of the security of the environment where it is installed.

By choosing QShield, ThreatOptix prevents unauthorized parties from attempting to gain insight, tamper with, or recover high-value data or source code. The software whitebox secures cryptographic keys and protects against software and hardware attacks.

"We are proud to have been chosen as the security solution for ThreatOptix. This not only speaks of the robustness of QShield but is also a sign of confidence in the advanced capabilities offered by our product. It reinforces our mission to enhance the security of our customers' applications and connected devices. The ease and speed of integration is also a critical advantage." says Fred Raynal, CEO & Co-Founder, Quarkslab.


About ThreatOptix:

ThreatOptix delivers comprehensive Linux protection, designed from the ground up to protect any and all Linux systems, from the largest cloud workloads to the smallest IoT devices, with technology that makes it easier and more efficient for enterprises and organizations of all sizes to detect, classify, and mitigate threats faster and more effectively than any other existing offering.

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About Quarkslab:

Since its inception 10 years ago, research and development have been fundamental pillars of Quarkslab. Its goal has always been to foster innovation by creating a junction between academic research and concrete practice. Their expertise combines offensive and defensive security in application protection and helps organizations adopt a new security posture: forcing attackers, not defenders, to adapt constantly. Through their consulting services, Lab expertise, and software, Quarkslab provides tailored solutions that help protect assets, sensitive data, and users from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

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