Webinar PCI CPoC - Mobile Payment

In the last decade, payments made from a mobile device have been multiplied by x10. However, the solutions for merchants to receive these types of payments have not followed the same rate. Why? Simply because mobile payment represents a technical challenge, especially in terms of security. Indeed, smartphones are not all built with security in mind. Their versatility poses a higher risk as more features and functionalities mean more possibilities for a vulnerability to appear and be exploited.

To reinforce security levels around contactless payments on mobile, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council released in December 2019 a standard called PCI CPoC. To learn more about this certification and how to comply with it, watch our video (15min) that covers : 

  • What is a PCI CPoC solution
  • What are the security requirements needed to achieve the certification 
  • An overview of the currently available mobile payment acceptance certifications
  • What security techniques to implement to protect applications against reverse-engineering

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