Malware Protection Made Easy 

Do you want your security team to reprioritize threats and focus their capabilities on critical attacks?


Adrien Brochot, Product Manager and Marion Guthmuller, Engineering Manager, demonstrate the multiple ways you can leverage QFlow - our easy to use and intuitive, malware detection and analysis platform.


With the help of practical demos, learn how your SOC can easily:


  • Detect malware and other threats quickly,
  • Maintain adequate security and privacy with respect to sensitive data,
  • Sanitize infected documents,
  • Analyze threats further safely,
  • Manage multiple accounts, teams, and users.

QFlow is a Cloud-ready platform, acting as a centralized security hub, limiting the number of tools your SOC interacts with.


The 30-minute webinar also includes a look at the upcoming features and capabilities in our product roadmap.


If you want to optimize your day-to-day security operations, increase capabilities, upskill your analysts and make malware protection easier, Watch the webinar today!


Prabhleen Kaur Bhatia
Product Marketing Manager

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